André van Heerden

André van Heerden

André van Heerden is a writer, director and producer with over 20 years of writing and production experience and a long list of credits on everything from children’s TV programming, to hard-hitting documentaries, to theatrically released feature films.

From 1994 to 2013 he worked with Cloud Ten Pictures, a successful international production, distribution and marketing company, in many different capacities. He served as the President of Film and TV production and wrote, directed and produced a number of feature length documentaries and TV specials.

André is probably best known for producing the popular “Left Behind” series of films with Kirk Cameron, and “Someone Has to Die” with Ving Rhames or for directing the feature films “Revelation”, “Tribulation”, “Deceived” and “Judgment” – which he also wrote. Comfortable working with budgets ranging from zero to multi-millions, and working with first time actors to Oscar Winners, André stands out for his versatility and dedication to every project he tackles. He notably wrote the script for the first ever feature length virtual reality production, “Jesus VR”.

André’s first documentary, done as a video thesis at Carleton University’s prestigious Journalism school, was sold to the National Film Board of Canada. He is currently freelancing as a writer and director and is the Communications Director for the Christian Labour Association of Canada.

He lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and four children.