Cliff McDowell Producer | Director

Cliff McDowell

The eldest of 4 children, Cliff H.J. McDowell was Born , in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada – just hours south of director James Cameron’s home town. At a young age Cliff joined the Armed Forces where he served for several years. After his service Cliff became involved in a number of successful ventures in corporate finance, manufacturing, licensing and retail industries. He perused acting ambitions in New York City, where he attended the world renowned William Esper Acting Studio (Jeff Goldblum, Aaron Eckhart, Patricia Heaton) . Cliff began his career distributing educational programming to China in 1999. He then landed his first Christian  production job at a television studio in Toronto Canada, that produced a daily show of over 250 shows annually. In 2003 he developed and produced a slate of highly celebrated animation projects, completing over 80 episodes both in 2D and 3D . He is the winner of multiple awards and his shows have been rated in the top 3 most watched Christian children’s television shows in the United States. Multiple projects have received 5/5 doves from the Dove Foundations “family approved” rating. In 2007 Cliff formed his own Production Company, P23 Entertainment, focusing on faith and family friendly productions, TV programming, and feature films. With over 18 years in the entertainment industry Cliff has experience in film finance, tax credits, and co-treaty productions. Some of his productions include Chuck Swindoll’s Paws & Tales-The Animated Series, The Adventures in Booga Boog Land-Parables of Jesus, the feature film “The Masked Saint” and most recently the reboot of Bibleman-The Animated Adventures. Cliff married Dong-Ju Hwang in 1999, they have two boys.