Richard Keehn

Richard Keehn

90% of scripts get trashed by Script Readers within five pages.

Richard can’t guarantee you’ll ever sell a script. But he can guarantee that he will give you the tools and techniques you need to write screenplays that actually stand a chance of getting read by the jaded, word-weary Reader.

As an award-winning screenwriter who has been read and lauded at Sony, ICM, Brillstein Ent., Energy Entertainment, Circle of Confusion and others, Richard not only understands the art and craft of screenwriting, but also brings to the writer’s table a penchant for box office and industry analytics, and how those factors can play a vital role in writing readable scripts. It is, after all, called Show “Business”.

In addition to a successful formal education in Film and Broadcast Production, he has been a production company Reader; founded Colorado’s first-ever film business seminar series ; and has, more importantly, been mentored by one of Hollywood’s most-sold writers for over a decade.

Today, Richard finds himself as a producer on, and heading marketing and media for, The Screenplay Show by Rick Ramage.