William Morris Singer

William Morris

Will’s music is a hybrid of simple catchy, rockish/contemporary gospel melodies, and as he states “something that gets the heart beating.” His lyrics come from many areas, William hints, but the common thread laced through them all are his conversations/prayers spoken to God from day to day, just with a tune tagged to them. Overcoming many struggles, many of which are shared by his generation and the ones following, Will has made it his business to encourage people to show God the hard stuff.

Show Him the things that we feel are too messy for Him to want us. Things such as secret sins, identity issues, lust…anger…etc.

ECHO is an urban pop gospel track that will instantly capture the ear of the listener, and before you know have them singing along, as if they have known the tune forever. Will’s heart when penning this track was to encourage a generation to know, there is Hope beyond current calamities. Too often we see negativity, its time for us to ECHO positivity, healing, and the strongest of them all: LOVE. Those things will be what transforms our world.

This young worship leader prides himself in this: Becoming apart of an atmosphere where all voices TRANSFORM into one LOUD one… becoming the God ECHO… There’s nothing like worshiping together with one united sound. Will has not only been chartered to personally produce this sound but to also cultivate it, in his generation.