Douglas Vail

Douglas Vail

Douglas is the third of five boys raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. A cinephile and comic book collector, Douglas became enchanted with black and white films and live stage performances before he learned to read. With dreams to work in Hollywood, Douglas drove cross-country after high school to pursue a career in the film industry. Gleaning what he could from movie sets and blessed with the mentoring from award winning faith-based filmmakers Wes & Amanda Lywellyn, Douglas set out to make motion pictures with the specific purpose to glorify God.

As a filmmaker and marketing professional, Douglas has worked with writers, producers, investors, sales agents, distributors, actors and production crew at every level to bring his vision to the silver screen. Since 2017, Douglas has screened and sold his work including his first feature film at the 2019 Canne Film Market for a four times return on investment . He has earned over six figures making motion pictures proving faith-based filmmaking is not only a vocation, it’s a viable career.

Douglas welcomes you to join his masterclass at the 2022 International Christian Film Festival where he will reveal his field tested and proven techniques to achieve that “Hollywood Look” using low cost mirrorless cameras, drones and in some cases, mobile phones. As a minimalist filmmaker, Douglas will also reveal the specific cameras and lenses he used to make his films “40: The Temptation of Christ’ and “Peace River”.

The masterclass will also cover the common mistakes filmmakers make behind the camera and dispel the illusion that films must be expensive to look legitimate. In addition, Douglas will cover how to leverage natural light, color grading, and the necessity of low light camera sensors to allow for quicker production speed. He will lay out the key reasons why low budget indie filmmakers should plan their productions thoroughly while maintaining a flexible production strategy – leaner crew and lighter equipment. This holistic approach to filmmaking has allowed Douglas the advantage of speed, mobility and freedom to explore ideas and move with the moment. This level of efficiency allows for more intimate acting environments, highly creative shooting, beautiful golden hour cinematography yielding countless options to consider in post. As the old saying goes, especially in the case of Douglas and his filmmaking approach, less really is more.