Robert Amaya

Robert Amaya

Robert Amaya is a dedicated family man from Miami with a love of film and musicals. He is a former vocalist for the critically acclaimed, Walt Disney’s Voices of Liberty; a volunteer worship leader and children’s ministry actor at his church, Christ Journey; and a featured actor for a number of award winning box office hits. In his home town, he has helped launch and organize “FamJamz”, a family ministry based on the “Think Orange” concept where families are encouraged to worship together and parents are equipped to be more involved in their children’s spiritual development. He is also a launching partner and now member of the governing body behind the Gospel Leadership Network. This organization exists to disrupt the patterns of leadership by connecting The Gospel to all areas of influence.

Robert is married to his high school sweetheart, Colleen; and is the father of two little girls, Sophia & Angelina. He is the son of immigrant parents Roberto and Maria Amaya, who have been in previous full time ministry. He is also the brother to one sister, Arlene, who is an educator at a Christian elementary school.

Robert first won audiences’ hearts as the funny, yet endearing, Javier the “Snake King” in Sherwood Picture’s, COURAGEOUS. He has since become a family favorite in many uplifting films including, Mom’s Night Out. Most recently, he has released a short bilingual music album entitled, Revive. In it he performs some of his favorite works essential to his personal revival.

Between projects, Robert travels across the nation singing and speaking at both english and spanish churches, schools, and organizations about a variety of topics. Most importantly, he is a minister of the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.